We are a company dedicate to technical assistance and specialists in Agriculture

We are a team of Tropical Agriculture experienced professionals ready to give on the run solutions in different agriculture fields.

Accumulated experience

We are a team of professionals in agricultural sciences with explicit and proven experience in fruit crops. Our experience refers to the disciplines of evaluation of agricultural projects, agronomy and plant physiology applied to doing agriculture efficiently and with high value. Our work philosophy is "get to work" in a clear and responsible manner with our clients and associates.

Solutions on the run in Tropical Agriculture

-Technical-economic feasibility studies for the establishment of Citrus and Fruit Trees in Colombia.

-Implementation of certifications for fresh fruits to add value according to the destination markets of the client's production.

-We assist fruit and citrus groves implementing from the nursery material up to planting, operations and export required certifications.

- Assistance for implementing solutions in organic solid waste treatment by producing animal protein with black soldier fly.

-Assistance with international contacts to reach US and European markets for fresh fruits.

-Implementing Investment projects by reaching capital investor with land owners.

-We assist and toubleshoot hydroponic operations for new and on the run projects.

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