Custom made fertilization plans

The interpretation of soil analyzes is very important, but it is also important that it be done by a specialist.

A variety of problems are caused by not only the lack of nutrients in the soil, but also by the overapplication of fertilizers. Our specialists take into account various factors associated with your crop, such as analysis of leaf tissue, types of clay in your soil to determine phosphorus sequestration, acidity - among others - to develop optimal fertilization plans.

Manejo Integrado de Plagas Sisdeagro

Custom made Integrated Pest and Disease Management (IPM) plans

Agriculture should not be the enemy of the environment, and it is everyone's responsibility to protect the planet's biodiversity.

Poor management of phytosanitary products costs both the producer and the environment dearly. That is why an adequate Monitoring program, together with an adequate IPM plan, guarantees maximizing the profits of any agricultural production. We design, structure and train for proper implementation of your pest and disease control plan.

Sisdeagro SAS | Siembra de plantaciones nuevas en Colombia

Groves Establishment

Our level of implementation of agricultural projects allows us to assist you from the establishment of your crop.

We have expert personnel in the establishment of fruit plantations, which guarantees an excellent start for you from the evaluation and selection of the plant material.

Sisdeagro SAS | Establecimiento de Viveros en Colombia

Nursery Establishment

Ponemos a su disposición el establecimiento de viveros de cítricos y diversas especies de frutales

In many cases the availability of plant material is the limiting factor for your agricultural project and not only in quantity but in quality. We solve your plant material for you by establishing your own nursery directly in your project with a quality superior to that on the market.

Sisdeagro SAS | Soluciones para el tratamiento de residuos sólidos

Solutions for organic sources waste treatment

For food processing plants that generates organic sources waste, or landfills in general.

Production of organic waste generates many environmental problemas, so we give you and option with our experience designing treatment systems for organic waste.

Sisdeagro SAS | Certificaciones Organicas, Global GAP, Rain Forest en Colombia

Certifications that increases the value of your fresh fruit

We have experienced staff implementing these certifications.

We have adequate personnel to train your staff or directly implement (outsource) the management of all your documentation for these certifications. We also have the technical capacity to convert your conventional crop into certified organic.

Sisdeagro SAS | Piscicultura para el aprovechamiento de aguas en finca y cultivo de especies de aguas cálidas


Maximize the use of your farm's water resources

By growing warm water species you can maximize the water resource of your farm: Cachamas, Tilapia or even Trout. Contact us to assist you and design a personalized project for you according to your specific needs or objectives.

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